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【Industry knowledge】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (1)-budge stage?

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The cold storage runs perfect for 3 years,we have built the second stage of project,their professional construction project management impressed us .

—— Sigha Mesmin

The refrigeration equipment have been working perfect for 5 years,the team is full of professional knowledge in exporting,installation construction.

—— Mark Slinn

Very professional filed knowledge and construction project management experience ,good technique support and aftersales service ,very good purchasing.

—— Benjamin Akosah

Construction management is professional , equipments are running very well. the quality of cold storage panel is very good. good service.

—— Gordon Thomas

Project management is very professional

—— Luis Janota

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【Industry knowledge】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (1)-budge stage?
Latest company news about 【Industry knowledge】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (1)-budge stage?

What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (1)?


In the communication of customers, I found many of them didn’t use or know cold storage before. They had the plan or intention to invest a cold storage, because leasing cold rooms is very profitable or self-need. But they don’t know how to start and where to start.


Cold storages are divided into many different categories according to its scale, function, structure, refrigeration system.

For example, if you want to build a cold storage for leasing or for logistic purpose, besides the cold storage itself, you need to consider the followings,


  1. Land
  • What is the price is the land in local?
  • How large land could I buy?
  • Does it have the construction land limitation?
  • Where is the location of land? Near residential area? Suburb area with good transportation?
  • Industrial park with preferential policies?
  • Is it near the product production area or near the market?
  • Do I need to consider the space for expansion of business?


  1. Functions
  • Single function storage: low-temperature cold storage for frozen products, middle temperature for fresh-keeping fruits of vegetable? Or combination?
  • Do I need quick-freezing rooms? Processing and picking area for fruits and vegetables? Atmosphere-controlled equipment for longer preservation time of fruits and vegetables?
  • Besides functions of cold storage, do I need other facilities, such as rooms for distribution electricity, parking area, office area, marketing area?
  1. Capacity
  • How large capacity do I need for each categories of products?
  • What is the turn-over capacity of whole cold storage?


  1. Energy supply
  • Is the electricity supply stable and consistent?
  • Do I need electricity generator for standby?
  • Is the industrial electricity expensive? Shall I consider the energy-saving of cold storage?
  • Is the freshwater easy to access?
  • Is the water price more economical than electricity?


  1. Return on investment
  • What is my budget of the whole project?
  • How much I need to put into the running of cold storage every year? energy, labor, maintenance etc.
  • How many years dose the cold storage could service?
  • How much operators do I need to hire?
  • Should I use automatically loading system or more labors?



After having ideas of the above, when you consult the cold storage contractor, they may still have many questions to ask. Mainly about how you are planning to use this cold storage and the local conditions. So that they could have the concept to make a basic layout. ECOOL has engineers of experience over 15 years, feel free to contact us

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