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【Industry knowledge】Why the Price of Cold Storage Vary Widely?

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The cold storage runs perfect for 3 years,we have built the second stage of project,their professional construction project management impressed us .

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The refrigeration equipment have been working perfect for 5 years,the team is full of professional knowledge in exporting,installation construction.

—— Mark Slinn

Very professional filed knowledge and construction project management experience ,good technique support and aftersales service ,very good purchasing.

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Construction management is professional , equipments are running very well. the quality of cold storage panel is very good. good service.

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【Industry knowledge】Why the Price of Cold Storage Vary Widely?
Latest company news about 【Industry knowledge】Why the Price of Cold Storage Vary Widely?

Factors that affect cold storage price


Over the years we have been asked many times during our communications with many clients, why some companies can afford to do cold storage of the same size at very low prices, while others have higher prices. Let’s analyze in details the real factors that impact the cold storage prices.

Generally, a cold storage mainly consists of three main components: insulation materials, refrigeration units, heat exchangers, accompanied by accessories such as expansion valve, solenoid valve, electric control system, cold storage lights, fittings and so on.


2.1 cold storage construction process


(1) The accurate design of the cold storage must be accurately measured by the professional design engineer in field, then the precise design of the profession can be carried out, and then the quotation can be made. Here to remind owners, without accurate measurement and accounting, the origin quotation is only an estimated approximate price, work as a reference

, but the actual project has many different factors, so it is recommended that professionals need to be in field measurement and accounting and then quoted, which is relatively accurate.


(2) Upon confirmation by the owner, the two parties sign the contract, and then the contractor buys the cold storage material and delivers it to the cold storage project site.


(3) Constructed by the company's professional constructors,

assemble the body, install the evaporators, condensers, the refrigeration unit, and the total control link of the circuit, and finally debug the overall cooling effect. Many companies use temporary workers to carry out the construction, without professional management, no overseas construction experience, management at the construction site is not strict, there are some security risks.


(4) After the cold storage is completed, according to the contract , the owner inspect the cooling effect and make acceptance.


2.2 real factors affected the level of cold storage project


(1) Cold Storage Insulation: wall, ceiling, floor insulation, cold room door.

Cold storage insulation panels: Polyurethane cold storage panels have 3 different level materials, quality from high to low. Panels are also divided into manual panel and mechanism panel and the prices are difference.

The panel could be bare or with color steel plates, stainless steel plates as protective surface, correspondingly, the thickness of core, the quality and thickness of the outer protective layer can all affect the price. Therefore, the owner in the choice of panel should ask in detail and indicate the description in the contract.

Another insulation method is the use of polyurethane foam spraying process. the material includes black and white material which are also very particular and their quality are one of the factors that affect the price. This foaming spraying process is relative cheaper in cost when compared with panels, but the labor costs are higher, the construction time is longer, so in general, clients could compare the whole price. The effect of thermal insulation in relation to the panels is better, but generally require the owner of the cold storage already have a warehouse body, and the protective surface after insulation should usually be done by the owner too. In comparison, the panel is easy and quick in construction process.


Floor insulation: PU panels can be directly used, you can also choose the relatively inexpensive XPS extruded plate (different materials, the thickness of different prices).

Cold storage door: there are many types, materials, manual, electricity, with or without air curtain, PE curtain, single sliding, double sliding, double open etc.


(2) refrigeration system - the core components of the cold storage

Compressor: can be divided into different brands, made in China,Europe, United States, Japanese, Taiwan, or even refurbished compressor (To reduce the cost of the project, to maximize profits from extremely low contract price.)

Currently some common compressor brands: Germany Bitzer, the United States Copeland, Germany GEA (Bock), Italy Frascold, the United States York etc. Compressor brands are different, performance, price is different.

Compressor unit: compressor unit is a combination of compressor, liquid receiver, gauge panel, high and low-pressure controller, electric cabinet, oil separator, etc. Besides the compressor difference we mentioned above, the design line, the welding all affect. Nowadays, compressor unit with intelligent control like eCool product, will bring clients more convenience in saving running cost and monitor system operation, see more in our other articles.


Core components: expansion valves, solenoid valves, evaporators, electric control systems, the common largest brand: Danfoss in Denmark, the United States Emerson,.

Condenser, air coolers or evaporators are all called heat exchangers, and their prices vary widely too. We saw many heat exchangers with very good case. You could not tell the difference from the appearance. But the key differences are inside, how well the design of heat exchange effect, the materials and material thickness etc.


(3) other factors.

Labor costs: cold storage engineering company has its own professional team: engineers and professional construction workers. Compared to machine factory, professional project company has more experience and field technique. The company's own professional team are subject to rigorous training, their cold storage costs might be high, but relative to the cold storage installation and construction quality is better, construction site safety could be assured. some issues can also be avoided to bring unnecessary trouble to the owners. (contact eCool to tell you how to distinguish the professional teams)


(4) After-sale

In fact, the after-sale service can also be seen whether the company is professional.

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