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【Industry Knowlege】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (2)---Inquiry Stage

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The cold storage runs perfect for 3 years,we have built the second stage of project,their professional construction project management impressed us .

—— Sigha Mesmin

The refrigeration equipment have been working perfect for 5 years,the team is full of professional knowledge in exporting,installation construction.

—— Mark Slinn

Very professional filed knowledge and construction project management experience ,good technique support and aftersales service ,very good purchasing.

—— Benjamin Akosah

Construction management is professional , equipments are running very well. the quality of cold storage panel is very good. good service.

—— Gordon Thomas

Project management is very professional

—— Luis Janota

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【Industry Knowlege】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (2)---Inquiry Stage
Latest company news about 【Industry Knowlege】What do you need to consider when you plan to build a cold storage (2)---Inquiry Stage

In last article, I mentioned even you already have the basic idea of the cold storage project. When you make the inquiry, cold storage supplier still asks many questions.

It likes building a new house, even an experienced designer could give you the advices, but still need you to tell how many bedrooms and how large house do you need.


If you only throw one information such as “I need a 1000 tons cold storage, give me the price” the prices you got may vary widely and they actually lose the value of reference.

Because so many factors will affect the price those prices are not quoted under the same standard. (Click here to learn more),


Every information you gave to the designer will shape the layout and cost to the direction close to the final one. Bellowed are some examples.

  • Experienced engineer will ask you the location of cold storage or directly the local weather. Because this information is related to condensing temperature, anti-corrosion of equipment etc.;
  • If your cold storage needs quick-freezing or precooling the products, information such as inlet temperature, inlet quantity, and freezing or precooling time are necessary, these are basic information to calculate the refrigeration load of machine.
  • The local three phases electricity voltage and frequency will affect the selection of machine’s motor.
  • Some countries limit the use of certain refrigerants for environmental-protection purpose, so the engineer may ask you the refrigerant preference
  • More details such as door open time, loading and unloading frequency will also be considered into the calculation of refrigeration equipment’s load


Even quoted on the same design drawing of cold storage and using the same brand of machine, price varies because of control method, pipe laying method, system part selections and construction details.


Besides the initial investment, you should also consider the running cost of cold storage, which is more important. A cold storage involved with energy-saving technologies may be expensive in building cost, but the electricity bill it could save will be is more valuable than the initial investment you paid in the beginning. The after-sales service is also important,cold storage with monitor, record and alarm system has much advantages in saving maintenance cost.


Anyway, cold storage is not a one-time business, finding experienced contractor is very important.



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